Saturday, July 23, 2011 Brits!

"I did have a couple of brushes with the police-once for jaywalking in Westwood and once for driving too slowly in the fast lane. Both times I was let off with a caution after the cops heard my accent. They think us Brits are barmy, out there, with our bangers and mash and croquet and cream teas. And yet they don't know us at all. Mention the word 'English' and you'll get a muffin. That's our greatest contribution the the American way of life-the English muffin. England is an eccentric little place best known for its Beefeaters, Royal Family, beef tea and Gilbert and Sullivan. And whenever I saw rare flashes of England through the TV looking glass, that's how it appeared to em-a dusty character from HMS Pinafore and Alice in Wonderland, endlessly parading around in circles and squabbling at some Mad Hatter tea party."

-Ken Russell on his stay in the United States during making of Altered States.

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