Friday, February 23, 2007


Fluent in half a dozen languages, he was especially fond of Hafez's Persian poetry, but also of Shakespeare and Shelley. He was known for his lightning wit and universal knowledge, embracing both commerce and the arts. He claimed that all major established religions are essentially different beads on the same string, quoting freely from those traditions.

In his youth, Merwan had no mystical inclinations or experiences, but was more interested in sports (especially cricket). At the age of 19, however, while bicycling home from Deccan College in Pune, he met a very old Muslim woman, a spiritual master named Hazrat Babajan, who kissed him on the forehead.
Meher Baba explained that Hazrat Babajan was a "Perfect Master," whose kiss unveiled him spiritually to his state of God-consciousness or God-realization.
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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Halloween Cat

Abandoned and nearly starved but still had a twinkle in her eyes. Now she is almost roly poly and the sweetest most trusting girl cat ever.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Cheesecake Defense

Last week, I was asked by a well respected musician friend on My Space why I'm so adamant about "defending glamour girls and showing off my chest instead of promoting my music."
The gentlemen expressed concern that my talent as a singer was being undervalued in favor of my vaudevillian ( my word) attempts for attention:
"You just seem like you are really talented so why you would want make your tits the focus escapes me, don't get me wrong I'm not gay or anything etc"

I have to agree that he had a kindly valid point.

In the past six months there have very radical changes in the music industry and virtually no one is getting signed anymore, even to independent labels, and compact discs and CD Baby are rapidly going the way of the dodo. Cyndi Lauper was even quoted advising new artists to do commercials as that is one of the only avenues left.

My Space and the internet has caused a HUGE deluge of millions upon millions of singers and bands who love what they do, looking for an audience and a chance to be heard; MANY of them VERY talented. What a record company used to provide in exposure, an artist with a digital camera and a computer can now hope to accomplish in their home (albeit with no cash advance)

And while the ability to stand out for even the most established mainstream artist has grown more and more difficult, for the unknown it is now a virtual impossibility.
(You can almost feel the sighs of relief from any singer or band who broke pre-internet)

The visual medium of film and video is now literally the ONLY avenue left to be seen and heard with the big budget film still unsaturated by the masses and the ultimate golden ring in the merry go round of fame, riches and everlasting immortality; the silver screen always was and still is the most powerful aspect in the apex of fame.

Simply put this cheesecake persona of mine is largely based around gaining a massive following on You-Tube (goal 25,000 subscribers) while staying true to my natural love of performing and naughty satire sans raunch. I do have an exhibitionist streak but like many performers it's based around the great natural pleasure I derive from entertaining. In the great movie studio era I would have built my career up in a very similar way the difference now is that I can control every aspect of what I do or say and forge my own unique persona of the culturally literate bombshell. And while this is my own invention I owe a big tip of the hat to
  • Cintra Wilson
  • for obvious reasons. She is "The Beatles" of all righteous hotties striving to keep it real, literate and evolving.
    This image coupled with my tendency to show off will allow my music to be heard and for my ideas as a filmmaker to be realized. So I've now decided to do EVERY song from beloved Who covers to originals to Gregorian chants as music vids for You Tube. Once I figure which songs are the most popular than I'll lay them down proper.
    I think of a few very talented contemporaries who spent thousands of dollars on Cds and Cd Baby and as authentically musician as that is, I can't go down that route when YouTube is free and there is an audience and an industry focused on the visual already waiting; being poor is not where it's at.

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