Tuesday, August 29, 2006

...oh yes! ONE MORE!

Eye swear I'm going to go offline for ten days.

  • ME:SEXY!

  • Tiny Tim:Sexy!
  • Sunday, August 27, 2006

    Much Too Much: Holiday, You Tube Craziness and Bhau Kalchuri

    Well summer is floating away like the clouds that framed a perfect day here in London.
    I'll be away holiday for a nice healthy spell, finally, which means I'll be leaving London for the first time in almost three months!!
    I thought I would share what I feel are the most random and wild You Tube picks. Seriously most of this stuff must be seen to believed and I kept a mostly 1970's theme.

  • John Parr's Almanac The sermon on the mount of Judd Nelson movie themes from the 1980's is finally explained to you. And you thought the song was only about an electro-luminescent corona discharge...

  • Bhau Kalchuri, Chairman of the Meher Baba Trust, author of Lord Meher and Baba's night watchman, is in London to visit Oceanic and the Baba Center in Hammersmith. I could not attend but could still felt his presence in London all afternoon. Lord Meher Baba which is an astonishing 25 volume biography was written by Bhau. Ron Greenstein of the El Cerrito, California Meher Baba center visited India in the 70's and did not get to meet Bhau because he was in the country writing up a storm; apparenetly Bhau wrote non-stop for over a decade!
  • Sunday, August 20, 2006

    Glow Girl

    My blond twin and I fought over the jeans with the dreamcatcher on the booty. Had an insanely fun weekend. The wonderful camera uh, I mean my best guy friend Brian left this morning. Last night I belted out 'Lazy Sunday Afternoon' by The Small Faces to a packed Bethnal Green crowd in my blond sex kitten wig. Ronnie Lane and Scott Marriot in my humble opinion, wrote the quintessential East End anthem. I think I shocked everyone by getting the cockney vocal bits right. Bethnal Green really is home now.
    Earlier that day I had been a dark auburn pouter in the poshest part of The West End where I feel like I need a passport.
    Friday night was all about Scotland and Sunday was all about sleeping it off.
    Now listening to Join Together/RoadRunner/My Generation Blues (click on the title)

    Friday, August 18, 2006

    Instant Party: Brick Lane

    I have now had the express privilege of living in not one but two 'soon to be the most famous areas of London.' The first, in 1997, was Notting Hill and now it's Bethnal Green with it's uber-hip street Brick Lane.
    Brick Lane is the bollocks! Huge and amazing clubs with great acts and top DJs every night of the week, exclusive and cute vintage clothing, new designer show rooms, at least a dozen fabulous Balti restaurants and the century's old Spitafield market.
    Tonight after Brick lane fun, I took Brian and my housemate Lucy (below) on a hike and we ended up in Whitechapel in a huge dark Victorian alley. Three is never a crowd when you are in Jack The Ripper's dark stomping grounds.
    When we finally saw the light of Cheshire Road everyone believed my yarn about 'not really being lost!'

    Thursday, August 17, 2006

    Out In The Street

    Well here are some fun photos of Bethnal Green night life bound for my website.
    I've sat in that passenger seat far too long and need to get www.superamanda.org up and running before I set the world's record for "most over-exposed smiley face cd lap portrait."
    I'm rapidly realizing that moving to the West End is pointless; there is simply no way to top this part of London!

    Clockwise: The sun setting on Knob City/Shoreditch, Virginia road curves ahead, Hughie and I really do like to have two of everything, Columbia Road Angels, Victorian- moi?,

    (The Purse Was Free With Elle Magazine.)

    Tuesday, August 15, 2006

    The Electric Prom Girl Can't Help It

    YES! I just was just watching BBC One and they announced that The Who will be performing all of Wire And Glass at London's most storied rock venue 'The Roundhouse' in October right up the road from me in Camden Town!! http://www.bbc.co.uk/electricproms/
    I've been singing a lot of Entwistle songs like '905', 'I Feel Better' and 'Smash Your Head Against The Wall' lately and thought it would be nice to post a picture of all three. I'm diggin Roger's 'Cosby sweater!' I was singing Roger's heartfelt Arsenal footballer's anthem 'Highbury High' the other day at The Pub and people were calling me a right traitor as I live in West Ham United's borders. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnHMfK9RwY0 Check out Rog!

    My best friend Brian is going to be here in London tomorrow and we are going to make a mini-movie about life in Shoreditch-it's going to feature real East End geezers and Columbia Road's legendary flower market among other things. I'm playing a very vibrant and saucy character I created called 'Kitten.' We are going to surprise all of my friend's co-workers at his painting and decorating job too when I show up dressed ala Jayne Mansfield and accidentally spill the contents of my coin purse; he's going to act like he had no idea--brillant!
    (Thankfully none of them are bloggers ;)

    The Who! The East End! It's devooon!!!

    Thursday, August 10, 2006

    Tony Benn: "Let's See Action!"

    No, it's not Tony covering one of Pete's Baba inspired songs, (though that would be something)
    it's a shout out to stop the insanity of war in the Middle East.
    Now that I'm settling in here in the UK that Paul Robeson spirit is calling...

    Hands Off Lebanon: Friday 18 August 6.30pm , London Wc1
    Speakers include: Eyewitness to Israeli attacks in southern Lebanon OMAR NACHABE (senior journalist Beirut newspaper Al-Akhtar), TONY BENN (President Stop the War), JEREMY DEAR (Gen Sec NUJ), LINDSEY GERMAN (Stop the War) Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, London WC1(Opposite Euston Station)»Lebanon War: Questions and Answers


    The Right and Honourable Tony Benn:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1rW_HuJPCA

    UK Jewish Socialist Party: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dTXzji50M4&mode=related&search=

    Bianca Jagger:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCse_G4yACk&mode=related&search=

    Monday, August 07, 2006

    Yeah Bitch, My Space!!!

    Thanks to the lovely Tausha who is responsible for Rachel Fuller's lavish My Space page, I am getting quite a page up myself. Nice to wake up and find a message from George Clinton in your inbox--(what a sweetie :) http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=16960709 Listen to Something Stank.

    And Robbie Rist from 'The Brady Bunch', does life get any cooler than the 'Jinx?'
    My music links ARE UP. Check out Jade Jagger presents Jezebel for the best new music out there. Jade Jagger needs no introduction other then the fact that with her beautiful jeweler's eyes she can put entire islands on the map and raise her two kids at the same time.
    The music featured in her lifestyle/nightclub concept 'Jezebel' is varied, multi-ethnic and intense-check it out!
    And lastly of course, my London bound best guy friend Brian Kaczynski, usually pictured with The busty Polish singing star, Ewa Sonnett, his music rocks too. Click for the translation http://www.rolywholyover.blogspot.com/

    The Yacht Rock guy still won't add me...


    Thursday, August 03, 2006

    Goodnight Kim

    Kim Kerrigan McLagen a sweet woman has passed away. In all the interviews I've ever seen of her she never seemed unkind or negative about enduring Hurricane Keith. After all these years I actually identify with and respect this beloved mother and wife more than the crazy talented Mad Moonie husband whom she left for a happier life. Oddly enough, I was named after her daughter Amanda. Thinking of how awful it must be for Mandy Moon, Ian McLagen and The Who and Small Faces families today-just no words other than the fact she's proof that you can be true to yourself. I look at the picture of Kim at her Austin, Texas skincare salon and she reminds me of my own Mom.
    The sky in London cries today for easily the most beautiful girl of it's swinging sixties, just so incredibly sad but an amazing life nonetheless.