Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Super Amanda : Media Coverage

David Menconi, the illustrious author of "Off The Record" and renowned rock critic, has kindly given my video projects a showing on his popular music blog.
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    Nothing is 'flagged' here so no need to join You Tube-just scroll down. ;)

    Thank you David Menconi and Long Live Rock!

    Sunday, July 22, 2007

    Not The Olsen Twins

    Boobs Gone Wild!

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    I call this my
    "psychotic breastcentric egomaniacal graduate editing project."
    This music clip I used really rocks, I have probably heard this four hundred times in the past week but still really adore it, anyone know who did it? I'd love to know.

    Great plans in store, Brian and I have started pre-production on a feature length independent film to be shot in the Bay Area and Poland! It's going to be in the style of Russ Meyer (but of course) yet also feature a great soundtrack with Third of Never, classical music, originals and finally my beloved Who By Numbers cover songs.
    I'll be directing, writing co-editing but I won't be the star instead I'll be narrating the film in a very similar way Kitten Nativadad hosted UP! as the Greek Chorus. The movie will be part fiction, part documentary, part long form music film and very comical and very sexy.

    (and shooting a film in Poland costs about one third of what it costs in the US too, so that is also very sexy. :)

    Hope everyone is having a happy summer and much love :)

    -Super Amanda


    Saturday, July 07, 2007

    The Hills of Super Amanda

    The Hills of Super Amanda

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    Directed, edited, filmed by and starring Super Amanda.

    Footage of San Francisco by Super Amanda, additional footage by Brian Kaczynski. Co-starring Rodger Mahal, Brian Kaz, Tami, Azi and Mera. The theme of the video is being lonely and just dealing with it with or without makeup on in the city by the Bay. I specifically tried to look tired and sort of going through the motions in some scenes because as bouncy and rollicking as the song sounds that's what it's about; the brave face you put on despite reality.
    Still a lot of boobage apparent but all will agree this is a big departure from the other stuff. Hope everyone likes it as this is MY MOST favorite and was worth almost crashing the powerbook with 5 different cuts.

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