Thursday, December 27, 2007

Long Live Tatiana: Warrior Tigress of Lion House SfFZoo

I loved you before I knew you
And your coat and eyes of silk
And now the city sold you out
Just like Harvey Milk

Your race was supposed to have vanished
But you've all somehow held true
May the fields for you be green
And the Maharajahs few

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Super Amanda Song by Rob Gibbs

I love my fans! Here is a song written by my dear sweet fan Rob Gibbs in Coventry, UK who never ceases to amaze me with his kindness. Thank you Rob!

As the sun slowly rises above an unsuspecting town,
A goddess wakes and gracefully puts on her dressing gown,
Pulling on sheer pantyhose, her legs are just the best,
40E, that's the size of her captivating chest.

With cherry red lips so moist and seductive big brown eyes,
Her sweet voice soothes the soul like an echo that never dies,
This astounding temptress has so much to admire,
For every smitten man she's the object of desire.

Amazonian beauty who sings, acts and writes,
A seasoned traveller who fights for human rights,
Some like hurting others but I warn you not to try,
To hurt this heroine because she makes grown men cry.

Chorus x 2
Super Amanda, nobody planned her, she's a vision of delight,
Super Amanda, nobody planned her, she's courageous and she's bright.

I once dreamt of untold beauty that surely could not be,
Of a woman with the power to set the oppressed free,
As I awoke from my dream I could not believe my eyes,
I looked out from my window and she flashed across the skies.

Her long brown silky hair fanned back as she elegantly flew,
I felt all of my fears subside and my optimism grew,
Wearing her gold satin cape, on the back it said,
The name 'Super Amanda,' printed all in red.

She heals the sick and helps all those in need,
She inspires, it transpires, to lead and succeed,
She's the eighth wonder of the world and she's certainly groovy,
Like a rock chick that blows your mind from a Russ Meyer movie.

Chorus x 2
Super Amanda, nobody planned her, she's a vision of delight,
Super Amanda, nobody planned her, she's courageous and she's bright.

-Rob Gibbs 2007

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Paul Robeson and Understanding Africa Today: Part One

"Twelve South African workers now lie dead, shot in a peaceful demonstration by Malan's fascist police; as silent testimony to the fact that.. . it is later than they (the oppressors) think in the procession of history, and that rich land must one day return to Africans on whose backs the proud skyscrapers of the Johannesburg rich were built�"

-Paul Robeson 1950

Africa. Once known as the dark continent and called the "hopeless continent" by the Economist in 2000, Africa has been the subject of countless celebrity charity campaigns, some very questionable. Most in the western world, especially in the United States think of Africa as "wild", "out of control" and "very poor", a place where money is donated and where savage ethnic cleansing conflicts exist. Countless people have read that South Africa has finally been "liberated from Apartheid" yet we read of continued violence and instability there. Many simply see Africa as "lost" but few really have stopped to figure out why they believe this.

Paul Robeson's active involvement in dispelling the myths about the continent of Africa while tirelessly working for decolonization and human rights for all races living in Africa being exploited by imperialists, is a key aspect to his legacy as a peacemaker and shows us today how vital gaining an understanding about this part of the world is to humanity. Many historians miss the empirical fact that Robeson's persecution by Hoover's FBI and the Right Wing of the US was due largely to his fervent dedication to freeing Africa from the shackles of Colonialists exploitation and not necessarily just for his support of the Soviet Union, which was a common cause celeb of many artists at the time of the Red Scare during the 1950's.

Paul Robeson's founding in 1937, of The Council on African Affairs saw the first major US organization created towards dispelling the myths about the continent of Africa-myths that persist in the mostly right wing dominated media to this very day.
The Council on African Affairs was founded in 1937 by Paul Robeson and the black American leftist Max Yergan as an organization whose main focus was on providing current information about Africa in the United States, particularly to Black Americans. During WWII the CAA existed as a broad based coalition consisting of a wide variety of leftist and community activists. Probably the most successful campaign of the Council was for South African famine relief in 1946. Thousands attended CAA sponsored rallies in Madison Square Garden and donated canned goods to be shipped across the Atlantic.

Unfortunately, like other organizations that had an interracial base of left wing supporters and members, such as the National Negro Congress, the Council on African Affairs would eventually fold due to the repression of cold war politics. The split was inexplicably precipitated by Max Yergan’s desertion of left wing politics and his subsequent advocacy on behalf of colonial rule in Africa. Through the early 1950s, the Council sponsored concert tours by Paul Robeson and continued its monitoring of UN votes on trusteeship for African colonies. However, the CAA never again attained it's pre-McCarthy era broad based appeal. The organization formally disbanded in 1955, which African scholar Hollis Lynch deemed, “another victim of McCarthyite repression.”
The vilification of Robeson for his work to liberate Africa, reached it's zenith in idiocy when Hoover with the help of a docile NAACP, arranged for a ghost written leaflet to printed and distributed in Africa called "Paul Robeson: Lost Shepherd."

The Council on African Affairs was only one part of Paul Robeson's dedication and to the continent of and peoples Africa, it was dedication born out a need to explore who he was and where he came from.

(His legacy in ending the bleeding to death of Africa by Colonialist aggressors and imperialists is unparalleled , please watch this space for this piece as it develops)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Kill Switch...Klick featuring Super Amanda: NOW AVAILABLE ON ITUNES!!!

Here it is!! My debut disc complete with a cover that sums up my intellectual thought processes for the past 14 months or so. We should be shooting a video within a few months, my costumes are insanely funny and won't be ready until then so the wait will be worth it. Thanks to all of you who have downloaded my work with the great "Kill Swtich...Klick", I told you I could sing despite my incessantly charming need to warble on You Tube with it's limited technology ;)

For those of you bummed I never produced "Super Amanda By Numbers" do know that I will make that happen. It was announced exactly a year ago and I still had a great deal to learn a lot about the industry and myself as an artist to figure how to make that happen-it will happen and I promise that when it does that it will be a stunning and staggeringly awesome tribute to The Who.

I'm honored to have been asked to sing for D.A Sebasstian and I 'can't wait to see the movie' which should have it's premiere at this summer!!

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