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How do you get an hourglass figure? Hourglass Figure Workout

UPDATE March 2015: I am solidly booked with clients until early June so anyone interested in a personalized program with me will have to please wait. Again, avoid 95% of mat Pilates and all bootcamp, Cross Fit, Insanity, Astanga/vinyasa flow yoga if you want to sculpt a classic mid century hourglass figure. A few dozen people have asked me about Cross fit being part of sculpting and accentuating an hourglass figure and I can't get over how rapidly it builds the obliques and waist to hip ratio up. Thus it does not cross train with this program. 

Cross Fit is bigger, heavier power based movements based around lifting low reps for muscle taxing and minimal but consistent cardio. It is a great system if you want washboard abs , narrow hips and big guns. As for Insanity it is an opposite concept to Cross Fit with endlessly incessant high reps and jarring, pounding cardio based muscle taxing movements. Again, like Cross Fit the waist sculpting is based around squaring off and building up the obliques into a boxy, ripped linear shape. That is a look that is very on trend but not what we are going for here. Zumba on the other hand works fine with this program because it is dance based and movements are fluid while the balance needed in your waist and abs lightly taxes the muscles without building them up.

 If you decide to waist train do NOT get the fake corsets that all the Kardashians and Instagram people are wearing that look like sausage casings bandages. To properly waist aka corset train you will need to invest in a steel boned gored hip/spoon busk style true underbust corset. Make sure it is long enough to grace your torso if you are on the taller side like me. 

August 25th 2013: Thanks so much to all the readers and my clients-you're the best! As of today, the Hourglass Figure article is in partial form as I now need to make a profit off of my work. There is still plenty for free to read here and in the comments thread. The entire original "How to get an Hourglass Figure" essay; guidelines for building size to the glutes (aka Booty); your own personalized hourglass fitness programme; personalized advice and much more is available via a one time 30.00 donation through Pay Pal. The Pay Pal button can be reached via the links on your right or by clicking on the "Amanda and SuperAmanda" header and then going to the links on the right. That includes a full personailzed programme, access to all of the essays, follow up, personalized advice and answers to all the questions you may have etc. Thanks for visiting

UPDATE September 29th 2012: Hello Hourglass fitness enthusiasts! This past summer I've been working with almost a dozen clients and I have a new trainer (she's mind boggling fit, educated, beautiful puts me in pain!) have some important new guidelines after receiving invaluable feedback. I'm now advising against 85% of Pilates if you are trying to create an hourglass figure. I'd still do split board, foot openers, ankles, parakeet and anything that isolates the legs without making the abs a central focus but that's it. Clients are going to Pilates even twice a week and seeing a wider waist the next day. On an already fit or very hourglassy body the Pilates abs hypertrophy won't be that noticeable but those who have a stomach to re-sculpt and weight to lose off their abs need to stick with my basic but very effective waist sculpting moves (available exclusively from me following a consultation) , Gyrotonics, Gyrokinesis, basic weight training combines effective cardio, dance and or and lots of twisting and lateral movement. My recommendations for Calanetics has new guidelines also. OMIT the pelvic scoop aka Legs #1 and the 400 contractions for the hips and behind (Behind and Hips #1 and 2) and skip ahead to the stretch. When Callan Pickney says "you get the hips down to where they look like they've disappeared" she was not kidding, but we WANT hips in this programme. We do not want "childlike behind and hips" as she advocates in her best selling book. The two Hips and Behind exercises create a muscle pull in that breaks up the hip lines visually and creates an indentation that looks too modern, masculine and linear for this system. The standing pelvic wave creates a very flat butt via the tip up into the flat back posture.

There is a way to access the abs, floating ribs, pelvic floor and the obliques to wrap and pull the waist in by doing a similar standing posture but it is very subtle and does not include gripping and flattening the glutes into a board posture. Women did this hundreds off times a session in Jazzercise and stretch and tone classes during the 70s to the mid 90s usually lifting their butt off of the floor into a lower back irritating bridge repeated dozens and dozens of times rapidly. Ending up smaller and thinner yet with flat butts from overuse of the muscles, too much cardio and not releasing, resculpting and lifting the muscles instead. Once again for those who are simply fit or already hourglasses there may not be too much concern but others who are sculpting should consider the above.

 To learn more about how this programme can benefit your specific figure, please contact me. For a 30.00 USD Pay Pal donation I can provide you with an indepth figure analysis and guide to getting started on your way to a smaller waist and shapelier hip ratio Pin Up figure. No matter what weight, body type or fitness level you are currently at you can achieve a feminine hour-glassier silhouette. This rate will never be lower and includes specific exercises for your individual body type and goals. You'll be asked to fill out an indpeth questionnaire, E-sign a standard liability waiver and then have me at your disposal for all your hourglass fitness questions and concerns. As with any exercise programme you should consult your doctor before starting.

Thanks so much and keep checking back. Let's get and keep the bodies we want and make all the effort pay off without buying into impossible media standards and masculine "one size fits all" forms of exercise.

My original and work all of it authored solely by me. For a one time 30.00 dollar Pay Pal donation you can read more about HOW TO GET AN HOURGLASS FIGURE via the most googled and effective text article six running. 

I've updated and added over 1000 words regarding different body types who want to look more hourglassy and answers to fitness questions heretofore unavailable anywhere. I have been getting hundreds of emails and this is here to address many of
the questions women and girls around the world have been asking me. Guidelines must be personalized as a woman who is larger framed should follow a different workout than a woman of the the same height who is smaller boned and a physique who tends towards muscular legs should follow different regimen then a physique who's legs tend to be weak and so on and so forth.

Read and find out how to implement the huge volumes of research and simple common sense regarding getting and keeping weight off of your waist and not having a larger stomach, especially after having children and especially over 30. Teens will also want to avoid what I call "Perma-Muffin." A small waist is the key to better health not simply an aesthetically pleasing dividend.


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