Monday, February 27, 2012

The Angels, Poppy and Marilyn Monroe

The Eyesight  to the Blind (ETTB) scene is where Tommy starts to go from "very surreal" to "too freaky"  in the best ways possible. Few film sequences have ever accomplished such a complete parody of organized religion in this manner and ETTB is the only parody in which a major mythic Hollywood goddess is the God. This sequence in many ways was the final seal on the endless Monroe worship strata. 99% of those is on the charts and the top of the box office today will be long, long  forgotten in well under fifty years time yet a glance at nearly any Uni dorm wall and Monroe's picture is on there.

Interestingly enough, ETTB in Ken Russell's film of Tommy pre-dates MTV, cable TV, the internet and even many PinUp collector conventions where Monroe is the model and the unreachable goal post. The iconic sequence has it's genesis in an earlier film script of Ken's, a follow up to The Devils called The Angels about false religion and icon worship of female starlets. He wrote it somewhere in between Savage Messiah and Tommy. The film was going to also include a critique of American race relations and themes but was deemed so "out there" (even for Ken) by Warner Brothers that they passed. When Ken and Pete T started working on the script for Tommy The Film it was amazing how much of The Angels already fit right in. Poppy was a female character modelled after Monroe combined with an Ann-Margaret style pop songstress.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Earth without Ken Russell is boring, unfair, baffling and...

... what it is.

We still have each other and our memories which is all we truly own.

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Worship of False Gods.... ALWAYS going to be fun if Ken is involved! This next week we'll look at this entire scene up close. For now enjoy some of the OX's WICKED Bass fills!

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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Edward Daily, Randy Aaron, Angelica Cruz, Peter Buchanan FAKE Examiner Music "critics"

 UPDATE: The psycho Madonan fan has a fake Chicago Civil Rights examiner account and is making stuff up like the psychotic crud that he/it is. "Angelica Cruz" is not only connected to zero aspects of that fabricated bio but is yet another sad attempt for this piece of unsuccessful shit to manipulate. Exposed!

Lady Gaga Project is a Fake from Celeb Crush.

(Update Feb 5 2012: The psycho Madonna fan Edward Daily became scared after a tweet from Madonna's manager/hair dresser Guy Oseary and removed the Fake Lady Gaga fan blog. You can see their other fake examiner accounts Randy Aaron and Peter Buchanan were exposed as stalking, libel frauds. The personification of a Madonna stan-totally faceless loser vermin. They also followed me over to The Sun UK comments, forgot to log in and out as "kazir" and "Dirtydawgg" while they were pulling their transparent BS. Anyway, they will surely be back and we'll have their real identity soon. The fact that Madonna's manager did not deign to question the veracity of such a mocked up and over the top site shows the extent of his baffling ineptitude regarding the net.)

(Update Feb4 2012: The fraud is now linking a fake 'super amanda' account to my blog in the comment threads at the Madonna fan run "HELP Mother Monster Blog/Lady Gaga Project".  If you clicked on the link they illegally posted and were brought here do know THAT IT IS NOT ME POSTING ON THAT BOGUS BLOG. I AM NOT PART OF ANY LADY GAGA BLOGGER. I do not want Madonna to die or be injured etc. Should be obvious by how many pro-Madonna comments they are letting through and how many fake and brand new "accounts" are posting that it is nothing more than a lame, sick joke.)

As previously stated, I have a psychotic Madonna fan stalking me who can't accept I dislike their talentless corporate icon. You can see a few of their sick comments in the recent threads below telling me to "kill myself". They impersonate me on Salon, Huffington Post, Perez Hilton, Facebook, You Tube, IndieWire and many other websites. It has been going on for about a year or so. As a US Born , US citizen ,I FULLY support their right to LEGALLY say whatever they want about me, mock me, lampoon me, call me names etc but falsely claiming I'm a "criminal" and impersonating me is ILLEGAL.

Now that "Peter Buchanan"  (the fraud Examiner rabid Lady Gaga hating "music critic" who ended up being a sock puppet madonna fan account using a photo stolen from a Uni Prof. in Wyoming), was exposed the most recent and pathetically transparent attempt is the aforemetioned "Help For Monsters Blog".  It is such an obvious Crypto-madonna fan blog that it is a joke.  They are libellously claiming that I,  Super Amanda,  suggested they "offer money for negative madonna posts".  A TOTAL LIE! The give away is that they are asking for Huffington Post comments. (Sorry, NO ONE under 30 wastes their time on Huffington Post).
They also have an "email" contact address so I'll contact them and then they'll get my email. No dice.

I am one of the only bloggers to criticize Madonna using their real name. I deplore and mock her decades long, insipid media choke hold and symbiosis. I DESPISE HER HYPOCRISY FOR RIPPING OFF OTHERS FOR DECADES TOO.  Truly, if she had never stolen from so many people I like I could care less but stealing ideas and basing your fame as a self anointed "artist" around the gym and other people's work stinks. I feel Madonna is the prime reason for pop culture's sad nosedive and the rise of meaningless "celebrities", bad Pop bubblegum and personal trainers in place of Rock, RnB and Soul. Flea Dip who runs the Madonna Blows Chunks site and I may have very different religious and political views but I deeply respect her for being literally being the sole voice online to challenge Madonna's media juggernaut and the low life culture it has spawned. And neither of us are avid Lady Gag fans!

Anyway the piece of shit stalker's days of anonymity are numbered and I legally have the right to post their name and contact details when I get them which I will very soon :)


(The Anti-W.E.: Dance of The Seven Veils banned until 2019 by decree of The Strauss family)

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