Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bryan Adams we must talk

So I was going to write a very long diatribe about the new Guess Campaign with the supposed Sophia Loren look alike and it's pathetically wane and rote post modern approbation of famous curvaceously glorious Italian sex symbols as re-imagined by Madison Avenue anorexics in bad padded bras and jagged clavicles who are not Italian but I figured these photos would speak volumes instead.
But still, can't these fashion ad people use their very thin tall narrow women to imitate other famous very thin tall narrow women of Hollywood or model days gone by? Why not shoot a tribute to Versuchka ala "BlowUp" or Sigourney Weaver in "Alien?" Why do you take aim at famous actresses who are mega stacked, nice wide hips and fully hourglass and have them portrayed by very small breasted woman with boy hips? Isn't that whom you DON'T design and shoot ads for?

Bryan Adams, singer of 'Cuts Like A Knife', 'In Heaven' (Mr. Pregnant does the definitive version) and many hits I love etc is also truly great photographer but this shoot in no way replicates 1950's sexual bombshell Italian Sophia Loren. For starters the model should be ITALIAN and she can't be built like pipe cleaner (there is one shot in jeans-Sophia rarely wore jeans-where the model Line Gost looks 100% prepubescent-see above.) All those idiot sales people at Guess stores : "Like our new line is based on the Sophia Loren look we have like a model that looks just like her..."


Dear Bryan, please contact Maria Cucinotti Grazia or Somaya Reece next time-THOSE are models built like Sophia Loren, Line Gost bares only scant resemblance and it's a very flat one.

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Monday, February 25, 2008


"Say hello to the love man
You can't afford to pass him by
Say hello to the love man
Now I've said it, don't forget it, you'd regret it
If tomorrow he should die."

-Pete Townshend

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Yoga Discussion

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Super Amanda's HOT 100 : Favourite Albums

After the top ten or twelve absolutely NO real order of preference just love. What can I say? This was going to be only my top five albums!

1. The Who Sings My Generation Reissue plus "Great Shakes" Commercial &outtakes
2. The Rolling Stones Exile On Main street
3. The Beatles White Album
4. The Who Rarities Volumes One and Two
5. Nick Lowe The Doings
6. Dave Edmund's Subtle As a Flying Mallet (Tie with Anthology)
7. The Who: Who Are You
8. The Who: Who By Numbers
9. Blondie Parallel Lines
10. The Who: A Quick One Remastered
11. Wings: Band on The Run

Please see my comments for the rest!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

What Has You Tube Done Now?

Sadly it appears that my friend and Canadian YOU TUBE chort, SOLES GIRL RACHEL, who created the below video, has had her account suspended for some strange reason AS THE MOST INCENDIARY THINK SHE EVER POSTED WERE SQUIRRELS SNEAKING IN HER APARTMENT WINDOW.


-SUPER Amanda

From Soles Girl Rachel"
"This video was long-overdue! With this video I am very happy to finally, officially congratulate Amanda, better known as SuperAmanda aka BrickLaneBetty, on her unfair YouTube account suspension last autumn being overturned. Yes, she's reinstated and back in black (and other delightful colours too!), doin' her own thing and better than ever! May whoever falsely accused her of infringements first be made to eat the keyboard on which they typed their lies, lol, and then made to put it back together after passing its many parts through their rear.

Amanda, you've got super boobs but you're so much more than a pair of tits to me: you're a sister, close friend, dear love, fellow artist, and well I could truly go on for quite some time but I think you get the idea. :) To me, your fabulous boobage is like a layer of icing on a cheesecake that I already know is moist and rich and divinely yummy with or without icing. Your tits are lovely but they are far from your most precious or appreciable personal asset. Boobs come and boobs go, but dear and special women are a rare blessing. I love ya hon *big hugs and kisses* *p.s. and for the boobs, lol*!

What more can I say but welcome back and I hope you like this congratulatory tribute vid!"

Monday, February 04, 2008

Oceanic Dreams: The spirit goes forth

I'm am sad that Pete has to close Oceanic but we can dream of it reopening someday.

Thanks Pete for all you gave us via Oceanic from "In The Attic" to Meher Baba events to your happy barge to reading about bad biographers who 'borrow' your master reels of Tommy to just knowing you are there by the river.

"Don't worry Baba loves you, that is what really matters."

Thinking of you Pete!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Ten Million Hits and Lookin For Trouble!

Well it's been exactly one year since my first Super Amanda type videos premiered on You Tube and today, my four You Tube channels, My Space film page and Daily Motion account stats were tabulated and I just cleared 10 million hits!

A VERY big thank you to everyone he watches my video, laughs and then wonders if I have breast fetishist or weening issues from childhood and generally supports what I do. Maybe Super Amanda will be retired as a character someday like Sacha Cohen retired "Borat?" or become a guest lecturer at Oxford? Possibly, but until then THANK YOU for watching and hopefully being very entertained!

Coming up next month Brian is visiting from the continent to film my first You Tube videoss for 2008 and then in March I'm going to SEATTLE for the first time to film the music film for "Killing Machine" in High Def for DA Sebasstian and Go-Kustom records. D.A has also kindly asked me to make a cameo appearance in the film "Hot Rod Girls Save the World!" My character is at a party which gets blasted by alien rays, she's in a bathroom with a friend being all girlie when something goes terribly wrong!

So till next time here is a clip from a classic film that I've been hoping someone would post on You Tube for the past two years and yesterday it appeared!
It's Jane Russell the first super bombshell in film history and a great natural actress as well. She is a huge influence on me because I have an almost identical body type and height (minus her incredible cheekbones and naturally sculpted nose) and try to have that same easy going big girl presence when I perform.
The French Line was a Howard Hughes produced screwball comedy musical where Jane is an oil heiress who's main man is intimidated by her success so she takes off on a cruise and switches identities with fashion model to "teach him a lesson." For some reason known only to Howard Hughes, who had director Lloyd Bacon shoot the film in 3D, Jane sings a rollicking, man eating song "Looking For Trouble" in something like a drum majorette's outfit with three strategically placed cutouts AFTER she makes up with her man!
Anyway, it's my kind of song :)

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Never Mind the Cat Lady Here's WILLIE! For Serious Cat Lovers! Feline healing advice

I just wanted to thank everyone on Myspace, Blogger and Yahoo Answers for their support when my beloved 18 month old cat Willie was very ill with a mystery aliment these past two weeks. I was actually worried that he'd 'drop the body' the same day as Meher Baba did, January 31st. I guess with Willie that means "drop the pelt!"
But in the best 48 hours he's almost back to his normal grumpy but charming Himalayan self.


Willie has made a miraculous and almost overnight recovery after round the clock care and a wonderful seemingly angelic Vet who made a house call this past Wednesday.

As many of you are also loving cat owners with limited funds (I spent about $220./150quid but easily could have pushed $700.00/400 quid with tests, X rays and meds)

I thought I'd include some of the lessons and experiences that helped me help Willie.
the internet has too many 'pay to find the answer' websites for desperate pet owners so I thought I would add this for free. I hope it helps someone, this advice is not a replacement in anyway for a professional vet.

Symptoms: Willie showed absolutely NO vomiting, diarrhea or intestinal distress. He could barely walk but was able to get to the litter box even if he had to be helped.
It looks like he suffered blunt force trauma as both vets who checked him out found a temperature and he had a lot of soreness but no other symptoms apart from his terrifying lethargy and virtual unresponsiveness much of the time.

Here is what I did right and what I did wrong that can hopefully help you out if you ever have a cat who is dealing with similar circumstances and you do not have hundreds of dollars to spend.

1. We watched him around the clock and fed him by hand and kept him hydrated with a plastic dropper (Do not use glass EVER!) when he was too weak. He drank warm milk, water and ate wet food by hand and crunched on Science Diet , one nugget at a time sometimes while he was lying down. His appetite was thankfully very good plus he had some extra body weight on him.
We fell behind on sleep something fierce but it was worth it. I should have brought his litter box to him much earlier so recommend as soon as you realize you cat is in distress and needs TLC that you confine him to one clean room with everything he needs close by.

2. He had a fever and I kept him warm which was a mistake. If they are feverish they need to run cool so a clean soft blanket that they can stretch out and move their body freely as they start to get their mobility back again. Tucking him in with his own blanket is not needed nor is a cat bed that might confine his sore kitty limbs. I also let him stay in one place all day when he needed to moved at least every few hours (like rolling over a bed ridden person) to keep his limbs from getting too stiff. Picking up and carrying a sick cat is a delicate art too, do NOT scoop them up like a baby instead scruff them and hold their chest allowing their lower limbs and backside to be free. Google to see how it's done properly.

3. Because he had a fever I should have given him antibiotics much sooner. As soon as he started a course he started to get better simultaneously. The first vet I saw was asking huge prices for meds and blood tests. About a week and half later when Willie was actually getting worse and even had an infected eye lid because of being unable to groom, I found a fully accredited vet who made a house call , checked him out, mixed amoxicillion right there and gave me eye drops for 45.00/25 quid (incredible) that's about a quarter of the emergency vet's fee before medications. Ask around.

4. Regarding pain medication and cats, especially young ones he did NOT get any and I'm glad as it's not a good idea because they have such a small body weight. There is a massive misinformation on the net and the vet told me only HALF A BABY ASPIRIN every four to five days nothing more but that was ideally for older cats or serious pain issues. You don't want your get getting injured because of being unable to feel how much pain he may or may not be in as he recuperates.

5. Positive thinking and classical music. I started playing Bach's Brandenburg concertos on continuous loops and it sped up my cat's healing and my own optimism. Classical music with it's precise clean sound seems to be universally appreciated by cat's. This little guy (actually about 17 pounds of him!) healed himself by purring a lot which cats do when they are not only happy but in extreme distress and by coming back home when he was injured. I still have no idea when but because he did return and not go hide outside somewhere we were able to help him Which brings me to the fact that he is now officially indoors as it's simply a safer alternative to having my kitty friend injured by a bike or car.

Alright everyone that's it thanks again. To anyone out there with an ailing pet my prayers and best wishes go out to you.