Thursday, June 23, 2011


In light of recent current pop culture events and trends I've decided to shift the focus of this blog from my usual eclecticism to a radical single focus. I've watched as many bloggers have braved goal oriented projects and I've also noticed how many bloggers have a somewhat strict format.

I'm ready for both.

I'm aware that in the six years I've had this blog, I've missed one key potential that blogging has which is knowledge and the dissemination thereof in a positive manner. For someone who performs, parents, travels, rants and writes I've only just skimmed the surface-not any more.

So to that cheesy physical education teacher back in High School who argued for all us toffee nose teens to "Set a goal, make a plan, see that goal through..." I'm going the distance now coach.

And why? Because following the drunk driving death of Jackass star Ryan Dunn I was appalled to read the words of some of the hundreds of thousands, dare I say millions of people who will not only defend but who identify with such hateful, deadly destructive garbage "culture." I use quotes because a franchise, a show, a film, a human being that feeds on destruction and stupidity is just that- stupidity incarnate and not culture in an artistic sense. More people were mourning Dunn and not so much disregarding but actually taking pride in the fact he was drunk, drove and killed himself and another (eg: "...we all do it, like you never have?") than were rejoicing in the life of Clarence Clemons-a true artist with an amazing history.

I'm now taking action in my corner of the internet.

A true artist with an unparalleled history I will now be celebrating, challenging, chronicling, reaching out to, exploring, relearning, critiquing, learning from and shouting about. I'm also going to physically experience many of the same things he has-physical, mental and visual extremes are fast becoming the realm of the mindless these days and we can't have that. Best to reclaim when we still can. I've been out of school for some time have to learn from the best and he is unequivocally one of the worlds greatest living creative geniuses and a national treasure to England and the cosmos. Himself a lavish visual biographer of other artists he's NEVER backed down on what he'll create, give to the universe and what effect it will have.

In fact recently Death backed down from him.

Just as the great political artist Paul Robeson was known and revered all over the world while unapologetically provoking anger and controversy in his own country so does this artist. Fans love him the world over but harsh detractors here in England have tried to erase him, ignore him and marginalize and they have failed miserably in the process. He gave so much to England so it is simply shameful along with an honorary Academy Award which is two decades overdue. Largely through this man's unwavering devotion the world rediscovered Elgar and I found Sea Pictures, Elgar's beautiful song cycle for contraltos. Because of him there is occasionally some full frontal ding dong swinging action for the ladies when we go to the movies. This man has helped make the world less tight ass not more jack ass. And, I have no shame in admitting, in 2000 I unsuccessfully 'auditioned' with hundreds of other applicants online to be this man's wife. (He's sexy as hell and I was very young and crazy so how could I resist?) Fate brought him a wonderful and beautiful fan who'd he'd met years before as a film student (and eventually I found my Kevin :) His lovely wife's kindness and openness makes the germination of my project largely possible. Thanks in advance to both of them.

So wish me luck and watch this blog.

-Super Amanda 22-6-20111

Patron Muse of my project is the master dancer, Ballerina, Yogi and Gyrotonics trainer Leslie Schickel, (click on the link and wait) who co-owns Adaptogen Healing Arts Salon in San Francisco. Lesile is the most amazing, inspiring and focused artist that I've ever known personally and had the pleasure of learning from. If she'd been born in the 50's she'd have been cast in many of this man's films. I Love you Leslie.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Judith Kerr Tribute at V&A Museum of Childhood

Judith Kerr is a treasure to the world of writing and art. Not just children's books but all works of fiction. We have been through the tribute/installation to Judith at the V&A Museum of Childhood (From The Tiger Who Came to Tea to Mog and Pink Rabbit) at least half a dozen times now and can't wait to go back! Yes, I grumble as my fellow parents jostle for pics on their Iphones and 500quid digital cameras as "no photography allowed" signs hang nearby. We try to arrive early but school is out and we now have to share our magical museum, sand pit, cafe, Punch and Judy theatres, sensory pod etc with others who have the very same idea. ;) We slept in the giant cat bed but our son still won't pose with the giant Tiger at the dinner table.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea and the MOG books (17 volumes!) are veritable Valentines to children's literature and why they are not as popular in the US as they are here in the UK is a mystery. More and more, artists of Judith Kerr's calibre are simply not emerging these days and we need them more than ever. When I read of her childhood literally hopping from one country to another Germany, France, Switzerland, England it also hits home that her generation has the stories and the experiences unlike any other. That may sound rote but I truly feel that way. kerr's father, noted drama critic, journalist and screenwriter Alfred Kerr, had openly criticised the Nazi Regime. His books then were burned by the Nazis shortly after her family fled Germany. They travelled first to Switzerland and then on into France, before finally settling in Britain. V@A opens her tribute with a room full of four identical antique wooden desks representing each country her family fled to and filled with accoutrements and ephemera from each year. This leads onto a visual feast/tribute to her first picture book (complete with cozy beds), of The Tiger Who Came to Tea (published in 1968). Tiger was written as a bedtime story for her own children and soon became a classic being translated into 11 languages and selling over five million copies. A GIANT stuffed toy Tiger presides over a dinner table. He must be seen in person to be believed! (see below picture from the wonderful east London Advertiser to get an idea)

But numbers, fame and mammoth stuffies are not the essential components to Kerr's oeuvre. Like Beatrix Potter her artistry is outlandishly underrated even as she flickers subliminally in the minds of most Brits and Anglophiles. I still have to take more pics of the exhibit, perhaps the most charming being a display of all her books in chronology order.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Unseen London Spring/Summer 2011

Hackney City Farm's Cafe Frizzante

Museum Gardens, Early April 2011, E2

Fancy remodel near Seabright Passage, E2

Hi, I have been very, very busy in E2 and thereabouts so I am actually taking a small holiday to BLOG. (Very 21st century I know...) To the dozens of women around the globe, here and on Listal, who are writing me weekly for workout advice on sculpting an hourglass figure, I am a few months behind on responses. Please refer to the "how to get an Hourglass Figure' article on this blog or scan the commnts on Listal. I'll be set up with Skype, paypal and You Tube to train and or consult with clients privately very soon.

In the past few months I've discovered places and areas of London rarely seen anywhere in the mainstream. My family and I watched the RAF flyover in London Fields on the joyous Royal Wedding Day and visited York. I've fallen in love with bespoke pin up dresses, Hoxton High Street, Hanover Square, Top Shop Concessions and I truly believe the world axis now hinges at Carole Vorderman's insanely perfect backside.

So here are but a few views of The Undiscovered" London:

"Food Glorious, Food" Installation at V&A Museum of Childhood. This section allowed you to sit in a 1950's style lounge and watch old foodie films on telly

Morning at Hanover Square, West End

Saying Ryan's Privates in Parliament, March 23rd 2011 The legendary International Magic Store, Clerkenwell, EC1
Royal Wedding Tribute, Pie and Mash Shop Broadway Market

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