Saturday, May 26, 2007


  • Does this workout make me look like a you tube star?

  • I may look more like drag queen then me but I'm still overjoyed that the video has done so well and given me my first one million plus hits for a single clip on You Tube. My video would have been saved to favorites over three thousand times if You Tube had not suspended my account for 24 hours but oh well I'm just nit picking! It really is exciting because I'm now also in the "all time most viewed" for "people and blogs."
    Ya gotta love the Universal Grid; you can be a virtual unknown and still climb the charts!

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    Friday, May 18, 2007

    Message To Love

    Friday, May 11, 2007

    You Tube Bodhisattvas and Player Hater City

    It's going to be very hot and sunny soon and I'm ready. There is a pool nearby and a
  • friendly neighbor
  • who stops by and sometimes stays over. All of these pictures (including the one with the fangs) are with me and my real hair, just out of the salon (no extensions or Super Amanda wig). I'm gradually going back to darker hair as everyone seems to like the gingham bra look and darker hair means closer to nature. I rarely look this perfectly coiffured, which so sad that it's so expensive to look sleek but I'm saving for bigger things. I hate everyone who thinks you have to have straight hair to be sophisticated--I HATE YOU!

    For my birthday on the 29th I'm filming a cake and pie fight for YouTube along with the videos for
  • Third of Never

  • Speaking of hate, You Tube has been very going well with one of my vids at almost 1 million hits in 2 months but I'm finding the situation of "haters" and "hating" to be very tiring and perplexing. If some crazy freak leaves a comment here or even on My Space (which almost never happens) it's simply a matter of delete but on YouTube I find the effect of someone's nastiness is a VERY different story.
    There you see the actual person visually or at least what they enjoy watching on their own channel as tons of energy and attention is fed from all over the world into the public viewing of all kinds of moving images; that somehow makes them more "effective." On You Tube I tend to fight back when someone leaves a really nasty comment but even when I try to burn the hater I know in my heart it's been a total waste of time.
    What I don't consider a waste of time is when I hit back at channels with hate speech videos or total idiocy like a toddler in India left with a live Cobra who keeps biting her on the head but even then what's the point? The true Bodhisattvas of YouTube just allow any and all comments any place on their channels and videos and don't give a shit or allow themselves to be tweaked; invariably they are always guys. The girls always moderate their comments...

    I'm learning about and refining a lot of unflattering aspects of my own attitude not only towards the rogue viewer but my fellow (and more popular) You Tubers. A woman with bible quotes who calls herself Ysbella Brave and sings karaoke style sits at the top of the charts and seems to me to be a Prozac glutted pro-life vision, cooing very decent but fauxish jazz and Marilyn Monroe mimicry; she also has twenty times the subscribers I have, is always featured on the front page and was just signed to small Warner label so she's particularly weak. Her attempts at rock are beyond the realms of Osmond and her separate vlogging channel on which she espouses heartfelt advice on 'pain and suffering' in between references to her animals being spayed is like hearing "Tammy Faye: The Early Years" book on tape read by Carol Channing wigged out on Quaaludes.

    Most subscribed musician, Mia Rose, is an American Idol finalist type with a Charles Dodgson approved silhouette and a syrupy "bah bah goo goo" delivery of both original and covers including "Looks Like We Made It" performed with her hunched semi-prepubescent frame planted "golly gee" style on a twin bed in some anonymous room in God knows where USA. She just 'signed' with a small independent label and a crafty sounding bloke appeared in her latest video talking about how "great her successes will be" while she nodded approvingly alongside him like Humbert Humbert's take on C3PO. At least she can play guitar...

    So I guess I'm a hater now too, articulate but still a complete and utter player hater.
    Help me repent bitches! HELP!!!

    What would Baba say?

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    New Song: "GO AWAY"

    This is a song I've been working on this past month for an original music video. It's very punk and Nick Loweish and I'm really proud of it as I finally learned how to write a proper bridge.


    Go away from my country, leave today
    Buy a ticket for a flight tomorrow
    Mommy and daddy can pay

    No one really needs you here
    You're just a hanger on
    So get to steppin
    And move it along

    Get away from my city, you don't fit in
    Parasites don't make it here
    And the suck ups your kin

    No one takes you seriously
    You're just a follower
    People like you vanish
    Of that I'm very sure of

    So get away from my floor I know it's hard
    Now that your legs are broken
    Guess you laid the wrong card
    No one takes your pain seriously
    Just like in Kill Bill
    Revenge is like a forest
    I could lose my way but still...

    Go away from my country, go away, fly away
    Go away from my country, go away, fly away

    Go away from my country, leave today
    No one wants the ugly American
    Squatting in the UK

    No one thinks you've got talent
    Can't look you in the eye
    When they say you're a team player
    You know its a lie

    Get away from my city
    You're the one who's doomed
    To everyone who's anyone
    You're just a groveling fool

    You need permission to breath now
    Every pound is subsidized
    the only way to redeem yourself
    Is to lay down and die

    So get away from my floor I know it's hard
    Now that your legs are broken
    Guess you laid the wrong card
    No one takes your pain seriously
    Just like in Kill Bill
    Revenge is like a forest
    I could lose my way but still...but still!

    Go away from my country, go away, fly away
    Go away from my country, go away, fly away
    Go away, go away, go away, go away, go away
    repeat fade out

    -Amanda Casabianca March 2007

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    Friday, May 04, 2007

    Better Than Disneyland

    Although the rules clearly stated NO animated or non-live action submissions , a very delightful animated one minute film ended up winning the Bianco-Rossi short film contest. I definitely had a great time competing and now plan to enter all the short film/commercial contests I can.
    I learned a lot about getting as many shots as possible into one minute and how to make a commercial even though this was more of a short film competition; I'm taking on the tomato contest next!

    Best of all I discovered incredible the Zeotrope Virtual studio website where, if you review four works of screen writing, photography, short stories etc, then you can submit you own and get very valuable feedback.
    It's been extremely helpful and is the only resource of it's kind available on the web.
    Anyway, in keeping with the spirit of great movie making here is a Ken doll defying great biblical odds to the sound of Wagner's "Flight the Valkyries" and Michael Bolton.

    "Disneyland. Fuck, man, this is better than Disneyland."
    -Apocalypse Now


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    Thursday, May 03, 2007

    Too Hot for You Tube?

    A week ago this past Sunday morning I had
  • My YouTube Channel
  • Brick Lane Betty, suspended for 'violation of terms of use' the video they cited as the culprit was about as racy as Donny Osmond covering Lily Allen (but way cooler of course).
    If you have haters, which anyone with a following on YouTube or the net can get they can flag your videos until the editors are required to judge if you're within the terms of use. These decisions are made indiscriminately and have lead to mostly innocent vids like mine being pulled and crazy and really vulgar vids allowed to stay.
    It was very upsetting as I've put countless hours into my saucy Super Amanda persona and I'm building a very loyal fan base as well as attracting interest in my writing.
    After about 24 hours of defiant emails to the editors my account was 'reinstated' apparently a VERY rare move on You Tube's part.

    No real reason was given but as three previously pulled videos oddly reappeared on my account post reinstatement, I'm positive I was hacked by someone...I'm still very happy that it's back!

    All my stats (now pushing 1.7 million views on my main accounts) are still untouched save for the videos people favorite; those were removed.
    So know I have a video with 656,000 hits and only 15 people favorite it! AH SHOW BIZ!

    So they announce The First Annual Francis Ford Coppola Presents Rosso & Bianco Theater Movie Contest winners on this FRIDAY! Please go to the previous post below and follow the link to give us a rating and check the other incredible Coppola Estate websites.
    And in about two weeks I'm going to shoot footage for
  • Third of Never
  • "Everyday is a Lonely Night" and "Let My Love Open The Door!"

    Anyway here are all MY Favorites!

    Super Amanda Gone Wild (Alternate Edit)



    Boobs and Surrealism Part seven

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