Friday, May 28, 2010

Rest in Peace Gary Coleman

Lots of great memories. It will be fun to go onto You Tube and remember you with millions of other people. Millions in the UK laughed at you too. Different Strokes to move the world indeed.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fake Friends

Thursday, May 20, 2010

When chicken fillets go missing or how Katy Perry exploited Breast Cancer and became famous

"Most definitely it is completely disheartening that young women and the (probably very young) girls who make up her demographic do not instantly recognize what Katy's M.O. is and call a spade a spade...that particular instance of exploiting cancer was so unethical, I don't think that she has the capacity to fathom how wrong it was on several different cultural levels. I think the success of Katy and her distressingly multitudinous contemporaries are proof that feminism necessitates constant vigilance, but I'm increasingly pessimistic about how the way in which the crasser and more openly misogynistic culture becomes, the more sophisticated feminists must be with their combative strategies. In other words, how do you solve the paradox that the more blatant this is, the less women seem able to see it, let alone halt it? It seems to operate on a more fundamentally psychological, archetypal level, beyond rational thought."
-Lady Hetty Green

"This is not what I fought the feminist revolution for..."
-Camille Paglia in a not so rare moment of utter hypocrisy and denial, describing her thoughts on Britney Spear's vagina flashing "accidents"

"I remember really vividly kneeling by my bed as a nine-year-old, saying my prayers and asking God to give me boobs that were so big that if I laid on my back I wouldn't be able to see my feet." -Katy Perry

Well, it looks like clearly God let Katy down-- big time. Guess he was at Francoise Boufhal's house that week....

In 2008, Katy Perry's participated in a chest plastering for breast cancer fund-raiser that became a gross PR stunt. Following her shiteous début single ("Use Your Love" an atrociously awful rewritten cover of the Outfield song) which went nowhere, NO ONE was noticing her or her now so called "boulders." So she stuffs for a few photo sessions and lame videos, walks around in a padded bikini and molehills become over hyped molehills. Which is nothing new or criminal,and small boobs are actually as nice if not better (especially in the long run) than big ones however; you don't use BREAST DISEASE to pimp yourself.

"Oh her's are smaller than mine" she says acting all baby girlish pointing to another cast that had taken of another girl. What the f*ck? That's not girl power like the infommercial zit cream that bitch hawks says. Without her chicken fillet bra inserts her other spots including her brain go flat as well.. she was acting as if she suddenly had these "giant boobs" and so-called "32Ds, you don't mess with" and she clearly doesn't but worst of all, that is not how you act when it's for BREAST CANCER RESEARCH. No you tone deaf bitch, you have respect for the fact that many woman may not only have their breasts removed they may lose their lives in the process so shut it you ugly slag! Katy Payola Perry's shtick is old and as thick as the layer of pancake she wears:

"Let's like see, uh if people think like my music stinks they will at least be stupid enough to talk about my paltry chest- a total Madonna move -and I can chime in like a typical raunch culture twit with "people just want to talk about my boobs, like whatever, I can't just cut them off (verbatim quote) so people will always talk about them..."

"We all have friends or people that we've known that maybe they wanted to be a rock star, or be this or that, and no one ever told them that they can't. It's just like you weren't born with pitch, so it's like not going to happen and someone needs to tell you that because 15 years later you've wasted all this time and when you could have been a doctor." -Katy Perry

Katy: Shut the **** up you talentless slag!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Pete Townshend!!!